Paula Echevarría's new look in 'Velvet' will surprise you

And you will be surprised because it has changed a lot, a lot. Paula Echevarría's role in 'Velvet' has evolved, so much that five years have passed since the end of the previous season and, best of all, we are going to see amazing new look what the actress will wear during this new journey, and that she has shown us through her Instagram profile ...

There you have Paula Echevarría very much Jackie O. His character, Ana Ribera, returns 5 years later, already in full 60s with a very different storyline.

Of course, see Paula with that pixie cut It surprises a lot, right? You have to see the power of a haircut (in this case a wig, obviously). Of course, without the intention of being bad, I think that look at Paula is not the one that favors her the most since it adds years.

Be that as it may, it is a great change of look that we always like to see, although now we will have to wait a little longer to see it in action.

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