Feel good, the Zara collection that drives sports (or at least try)

It is no news to talk about the introduction of a fashion firm to the world of gym and sport, but the truth is that seeing the trajectory of Zara -and knowing that everything he touches turns gold- it is normal that we pay special attention to his new sports collection. We already said it a few weeks ago: the star firm of the Inditex Group announced the creation of a sports line for Zara, and now we have the result. Under the motto feel good, the Spanish brand intends to comelarnos.

They have not invented the panacea, but it is already known that everything it presents has an interesting character. That's why their neoprene sweatshirts, structured leggins and raincoat jackets may convince you to sign up - once and for all - to the gym. Whether to wear palm heart, to go great and divinely with an excuse ahead or to get fully into full bikini operation, no matter what motivates you to sheath this collection. It is always good to keep it in mind.

Gray, black and white

While many brands insist on strident colors and bold prints, Zara has focused on three basic shades to make this first collection. Gray, white and black are the ones chosen to wear all kinds of sportswear that can be used for a relaxed day or to be at home.

What do you think of this first contact?

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