The sailor print is still the king of spring (before summer, of course)

Something like the animal print in autumn and velvet in winter, no matter how many years go by and the fashions and trends change, they never forget and always reappear. The striped sailor print, usually white and navy blue, has become that fabric that everyone has in their closet and that shines as soon as a sunbeam comes out and now is just the time to start wearing it in style, in Summer is overexposure.

It is a really versatile print and that in the catwalks of this season we have been able to see it in such recognized firms as Ralph Lauren or Isabel Marant. There is the possibility of combining it with dress pants and a good heel to go to work but also with some short jeans for sightseeing or an afternoon of shopping. The only thing to keep in mind is that combining it with another type of stripes or any other print can be risky, success or absolute failure is just a hanger apart.

This season do not forget to choose another type of clothing with sailor print because surely the jersey and shirt you have already had them for a few years. Lean on asymmetrical tops or with the shoulders in the air but also for fluid pants with either horizontal or vertical stripes. White, navy blue and red are always a safe choice although there are other shades that are used much less but with which it also works great as they are the metallic ones and also the yellow one.

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