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Nude is not a color ... There are many. And this underwear firm shows us

Each color has many variations depending on how you look at it and the nude is the more graphic example possible. When we talk about a tone with these characteristics, we mean a flesh color, sorry, there are no affers in your region at this time. But that varies according to the type of skin we talk about. A few years ago Christian Louboutin He showed it to us with a collection of nude shoes that ranged from the lightest powder to the darkest brown. And now it's the signature Naja Lingerie who does the same by moving him to the underwear field.

Flesh colored underwear? -My mind would squeak every time he imagines it, although we must recognize that it is good to have a set at hand for extreme cases and of vital necessity-. Under the motto Nude for All, its founder Catalina Girald was inspired by the American gymnast Gabby Douglas after seeing that her nude bra did not fit the color of her skin. This is when he realized that nude does not have the same meaning according to the variation of the skin.

The result? A wide collection with very simple and simple silhouettes that adapt to all types of bodies. What do you think of the idea?

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