Five ways to personalize your Levi's and give them their own personality

We all like to have unique clothes and wear an exclusive style. Something that is getting easier with the garment customization. We all have a lot of denim garments in the closet, but there are some to which we have a special affection, especially if it is we who have adapted them to our tastes. The Levi's Tailor Shop allow, the selected stores, that let's transform our jeans, shorts and jackets. These are all the DIY you can do with your Levi's:

Add some patches. This season everything has patches and Levi's are designed by Davidelfin.

Fray the bass. Do you want to try this trend but you don't dare at home? The cut will be that good.

Patchwork. Because there is nothing newer than a garment seems that old and used.

Fabrics that peek around your jeans. Choose your favorite print and you will give a new look to your sleeves and hem.

Transformations. DIY can be much more complex, and tailors will advise you for whatever you want: narrow pants, transform jackets into vests, turn jeans into shorts ...

What would you do to your favorite jeans?

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