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Chantelle's bathroom collection also thinks of curvy girls

Each collection of Chantelle, both lingerie and bathroom surprises, not only for its designs and quality, but because the French firm goes further and thinks about the girls curvy with Plus size models The firm proposes pieces of simple appearance, but of great technical ingenuity.

The Spring-Summer 2016 collection It consists of swimsuits that refine the waist and lengthen the legs, bras push-up, High waist bottoms with a rigid lining for a flat belly effect.

In addition, this summer there are three great novelties: three part bra, which centers and rounds the chest thanks to its chimney-shaped back; he triangle bra push-up with 'V' neckline with double enhancement-covering effect; and the Memory Foam bra, an ultra flexible piece that adapts to all types of bodies.

Missy rayder stars along with Kim Cloutier The new bathroom collection that takes its inspiration from the landscapes and colors of the desert: snake prints, pleated and satin fabrics, Tribal style golden beads. All garments have been made with revolutionary sun and chlorine resistant fabrics, foams Quick-drying and air pads that do not absorb water.

Regarding the sizes, most models go to the G cup the top parts and up to the size 48 the panties.

The high waisted panties are specially made for Stylize the figure: It molds the contour of the waist, produces a flat gut effect, thanks to its elastic fabric lining, and reduces the michelines of the back without pressing them. Adjustable at the waist, its upper part can be folded to enjoy a greater tan.

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