In a few weeks you can also have the most desired Gucci shoes, Mango will make it easy for you

Gossiping Snapchat I met this surprise. Mango is photographing his new campaign in New York and through this social network they are sharing unique images and moments, which we usually cannot see. Everything was being quite interesting until it happened to be surprising and finding shoes that look so similar to others from Gucci that you consider perfect is sensational (especially if you are a clear girl).

I only have a second to make this screen print to share it to the world, to all those people who do not use Snapchat or who may not follow Mango in the new fashion social network. Yes, in a few months you will have the Marmont Pumps in golden glitter cloned in Mango, almost the same but, of course, without that double G That is making us all fall in love. Are you one of those girls who went crazy for having them?