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We could scream, but we laughed: The 8 horror moments that mothers overcome with love overdoses

Being a mother is a wonderful experience, but the children are full of surprises and the idyllic image of motherhood that you see in the ads does not have much to do with the harsh reality. There are times that being a mother is an adventure, and on other occasions, being a mother becomes a real horror movie. Luckily, we mothers take it with a sense of humor, but these situations make anyone's hair stand on end.

When a toy sounds at night

The whole house is silent, the children asleep, and suddenly, a toy sounds How can it be if I swear I turned it off? Just in case, you don't dare to check if it's on, I still have nightmares with him Diabolic Doll.

When you discover that your child has lice

Sooner or later, your children will also go through that. And believe me, as soon as you see them, it starts to itch everything. And start your antipiojil psychosis, making them the treatment again and again, stealing their hair, and praying that your hair is also not full of lice.

The day the baby gets pooped in the back

Newborns have very liquid poop, so it's normal for that overflow outside the diaperThe bad thing is when he does it by staining the beautiful body set with a jacket that his grandmother embroidered on him, the carrycot with which you walk every day or that, rocking your baby in his arms, he has stained your new dress. Horror.

When you go to eat the last ounce of chocolate and your son catches you

You have a chocolate bar stored in the fridge "only for emergencies"that you try to eat secretly so that it is only for you. You are going to eat the last ounce, and suddenly your son opens the kitchen door and tells you"Mommy, can you give me chocolate?", and there is no one who can resist the little face that puts you. Goodbye chocolate.

The day the school passes you the receipt of the books

I still suspect that my children are working with books from the university despite being still in Infant. But I do not explain the bulky bill that arrives in September. So getting the cheapest books becomes a ginkana that all parents go through during the summer.

When you join the school whatsapp group

And they bother you every day with some 100 new messages: that if Lucia has lost her favorite toy and the mother looks to see if it appears in another backpack, that if there is a birthday and you have to decide between all where it is celebrated, to see what had to be carried in the backpack for the excursion of Tomorrow, how do you have to do the extracurricular task that the children have put in charge ... The silence of a group for a year was invented by someone with children in preschool, believe me.

When the child starts playing with your stuff

Because the makeup drawer Mom is the most interesting thing in the whole house, the branded bag that cost you a pastón is the best place to store your entire collection of cars, animals or stones collected from the ground, and the jeweler It is full of colorful things that shine. For children, mom's things have a power of attraction that is impossible to resist, but when we catch them with their hands in the dough, they stop our hearts.

When you lose your child in the crowd

It was right behind you, but the pool or beach is crowded and you've lost sight of it. At that time sand it stops your heart until you find it. If for many bad times they give us, the good ones always compensate, and our children are what we love most in the world.

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