Leonardo DiCaprio's 15 million dollars and other donations that have given us faith in the 'celebrities'

The news jumped into the press in recent days: Leonardo DiCaprio has donated 15 million dollars (about 13.6 million euros) to initiatives to help conserve the planet. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has distributed the money among 27 nature conservation and animal life organizations. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation It was created in 1998 and, since 2010, has funded more than 70 projects in about 40 countries.

It is not the first time that Leo's commitment to the planet is made public. This same year, his Oscar thank you speech revolved around the subject:

But DiCaprio is not the only personality whose generosity has come to light. The solidarity causes of Zuckerberg marriage, which is estimated to have donated around 1.6 billion dollars (about 1.450 million euros, 4% of his fortune) or Bill and Melissa Gates, with an estimated figure (always according to Forbes) of 31.5 billion dollars donated ( about 28,581 million euros), approximately 41% of his fortune, especially for causes related to childhood diseases and the fight against AIDS.

Between the celebrities, highlights some names in the list of the most generous. Sir Elton John, for example, donated 26.8 million pounds (31.85 million euros) only in 2015 through its AIDS prevention foundation. J.K. Rowling It is another person who leaves part of his fortune in helping to create a better world. 10.3 million pounds (12.24 million euros), which are divided between purposes related to childhood and the investigation of multiple sclerosis, the disease from which his mother died.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie They are recognized for their social work, not only for the work of the actress as a goodwill ambassador for UNHCR, but for several donations that caught the attention. The most prominent are the 5 million dollars (about 4.5 million euros) that Hello! Y People They were paid for their wedding photos or the 4.9 million dollars (about 4.4 million euros) estimated to be donated to various organizations in 2009.

Taylor Swift has been named several times the celebrity more generous by DoSomething.org. Your donations, contrary to what happens to the celebrities we named above, are not managed only through their own foundations, but are known to have given money directly to their fans (like an 11-year-old girl with leukemia) ), to your team (such as the sick nephew of one of your dancers) or, for example, having donated part of the benefits of your song Welcome to New York to the educational system of the city.

Beyonce this year he donated 7 million dollars (6.4 million euros) to an organization in Houston that provides shelter to the homeless. Miley Cyrus He has been in the media several times because of his generosity, such as when he donated $ 200,000 (about 181,000 euros) to My Friend's Place, an organization that works with homeless people in Los Angeles, or the $ 500,000 (about 453,000 euros) he dedicated to fight against AIDS. Y David Beckham He donated the entire salary of the five months he played in the French PSG (about 3.4 million pounds, approximately 4 million euros) to different Parisian charities.

They are just some examples of celebrities that have made social causes an important part of their work. Many other donations remain anonymous, but all of them have given us back a little faith in others.

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