Cloned and caught: espadrilles with Altuzarra strips have a double in Zara

Are from Altuzarra, They are espadrilles and follow the trend of the ankle knotted straps Who gives more? It was clear that you are espardrilles they were going to be cloned and said and done Zara It has been put to work with a result that will leave more than one gaping mouth. ยกHabemus clone!

Several weeks ago that Leandra Medine of the Man repeller blog published the cover photo on her Instagram and something was stirring inside me. Where had I seen a clone of those Altuzarra espadrilles?

Exact! It couldn't be any other low cost, it had to be Zara, and when diving on its website I realized that they were (almost) exactly the same, with only one exception: the heel. Altuzarra bet his letters to some espadrilles with stiletto heels, while Zara has decided to make them more wearable including a sole of esparto.

Cover photo | @manrepeller
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