Blake Lively explains how to be perfect after delivery (and it's not as we imagined)

Blake Lively is in the final stretch of her second pregnancy. If all goes well, the actress and her husband, Ryan Reynolds will receive their second son or daughter in the coming weeks. Blake, a style icon, explained this week on Australian television your opinion on the perfect bodies of some celebrities after giving birth. And we liked his words. Much.

"It is very unfair that it is given so much importance and celebrated so much. It is as if they were telling us'That is what you should look like after giving birth'"he explained, referring to how the press praises the mothers who leave perfect from the hospital just a few hours after giving birth. The full video can be seen by clicking here.

The actress gave these statements spontaneously during a promotional interview of her latest film, The shallows. "You don't need to have the body of a Victoria's Secret model after giving birth, because your body has just done the greatest miracle that life can offer: You just gave birth to a human being! That's what we should celebrate. "Amen, Blake.

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