The autumn of Guerlain brings us changes in its base Lingerie de Peau

More news for this fall. This time it is the house Guerlain who brings us a novelty that will affect one of his most famous and beloved makeup bases, the Lingerie de Peau, a background that is characterized by its second skin finish.

The news will not go so much abroad (although the packaging changes very slightly) but in its composition since the base has been reformulated, in addition to expanding the range with new tones.

The essence and objective of this base remains intact with respect to its predecessor. It still promises a perfected, fresh and natural finish skin, in addition to having moisturizing agents which gives it some comfort, while to ensure a tensor effect a composite of silk and linen fibers that confer a micro mesh have been added. Nor is SPF 20 sun protection missing.

On the other hand there are a few ingredients that disappear as are the parabens, sulfates and phthalates, something that is always appreciated.

It should be borne in mind that this change not only focuses on the formula but also the range of tones will be extended to reach a wider audience, since it is certainly a point where some brands tend to float. Of course, even if the same numbering is maintained, the finish in some shades may vary with this new formulation, so I recommend that you make sure that your appropriate tone remains.

The packaging, as I told you, also lives a slight and subtle transformation. The container is still glass and very elegant but now the lines of the container are more straight and with clean cuts.

Another novelty that we will find in your makeup collection is your concealer Multi-Perfecting Concealer, a concealer that has a hybrid technology that will help both hide dark circles and "eliminate" the expression lines, as if it were a flash effect, while treating the area thus reducing the signs of swelling and moisturizing the skin.

Within these autumn novelties a brush for the application of the base will also be included. Made with synthetic and rounded bristles, dense and compact to avoid unsightly stripes and adapt to all angles of the face. All this we will find available from this September.

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