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And what are you going to invent? A Microsoft campaign rescues the great forgotten of history to inspire the new generation

An advertising campaign to inspire a whole generation. To change things. To show that there are still many things to improve, but most importantly, especially to encourage all the girls in the world to get your dreams come true, starting by becoming what they want and taking pride in their own achievements.

Microsoft's latest campaign is an example that brands can contribute to change and inspire a new generation to be part of it.

They say that this century is going to be the century of women, but to reach this point it has been necessary to fight for many years for achieve equality at all levels. And one of those that still costs us is the recognition for our successes and discoveries, for bring to light those great but also invisible inventors.

A Microsoft campaign puts its finger on the sore by asking a group of girls for their favorite inventors and discovering that among them there is no woman, the great forgotten in history and in the classrooms:

They are many, many. And yes, none of them are usually included in the curricula. But thanks to this campaign some are already sounding to us and many girls may find a new idol to be inspired.

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