Amal Clooney turns Carolina Herrera's Baret bag into the ally of all her outings

He tote bag Indy-inspired Carolina Herrera who have been baptized with the name of Baret seems to have become the indispensable accessory of Amal Clooney, who does not hesitate to wear it at all hours.

A bag that belongs to the collection spring-summer 2016, and that was put up for sale last April. The good thing about this bag is that, in addition to being manufactured with excellent quality leather, it has the perfect size: neither too small nor too big and, like good wine, it is an accessory that has been created to age with dignity.

The bag of trapezoidal shape carry a short handle and has a flap adorned with a golden buckle. It is a multipurpose bag because is perfect accesorizing a lady look, but also goes great with a couple of Cowboys Y sneakers, although the truth is that being broken white, Amal usually combines it with black-cut leather lounges.

In case there is any clueless in the room comment that the name of Baret has borrowed from Jeanne Baret - the first woman to go around the world in the 18th century. To be allowed to do so, Jeanne - who was botany and wanted to make a new species classification - had to dress up as a sailor and also get on a hot air balloon.

Amal is also a adventuress who does not charge either to take risks. Remember that he has decided to defend a former sex slave of the Daesh.

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