Bella Hadid knows how to celebrate her birthday and be the protagonist: this is how she looks in her night with transparencies and stars

Bella Hadid has turned 20 and yesterday she went out to celebrate it with a party surrounded by friends and family. For the occasion, the supermodel chose a semi transparent set that did not leave the imagination too much. What did Bella do to keep her from looking too much? Well, he threw himself for all with some silver star shaped cover, and succeeded.

The design that Bella Hadid wore was completely silver, made of a fabric that mimicked the chainmail and included sequins XXL, not to go unnoticed. To this I add a well-groomed pigtail with a wet effect that she usually looks so much. The end result could not be sexier, own fashion icon Barbarella, dressed by Paco Rabbane.

However, all eyes focused on those Metallic stars with which the top model avoided unwanted photographs, gave the round touch to the look and made a nod to the policy that some social networks have on the nipples. It is not the first, Yves Saint Laurent already showed us glitter heart teat cups in its spring summer 2017 parade. What do you think of this trend?

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