The futuristic look of Kristen Stewart that divides opinion: either you hate it, or you love it

When Kristen Stewart He sets out to surprise, he definitely does. He already did it last year with his 'electric smoke', and on the occasion of the premiere of his last film, he has left us another look to remember. Of course has not left anyone indifferent and opinion is divided... I recognize that although I am not my fan of this girl, I belong to the group she loves: I think He has risked, and he has won!.

It is clear that considering his outfit, a classic nude makeup or red lips would not have combined in the best way. A total white look with lace, asymmetries and many safety pins with a rocker point demanded to innovate and highlight the personality of the actress.

And the result was this: a makeup marked by pink on eyes, lips and cheeks, with important highlights on the eyelids and lips.

What most attracts attention is the way the cheek contour has been marked with such an atypical tone and the way in which this melts with the smoked eyes. For me, a success and a perfect demonstration that in a matter of makeup, not everything is invented.

Obviously a proposal like this needs several points to succeed: an impeccable skin, perfect eyebrows, a matching look that of size and of course, attitude.

The keys of the look

Obviously to recreate a look like this would require a good selection of products, but within them I would choose some without hesitation ... coincidentally all of Nars. The first would be the eyeshadow Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Antares' tone, since it has that metallic shine that the actress looks on the upper eyelids and also offers very good duration.

Another product would be the palette NARSissist Dual-Intensity Blush Palette, since it has the ideal tones to make the contour and achieve the same reliefs).

Finally and without a doubt, I would choose the Lip Gloss in the mythical Orgasm tone, since it offers that nude-peach tone with iris glow that completes this current look.

Did you like the look? Would you risk wearing it?

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