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The 11 ideal accessories to make the Halloween party terribly perfect

Two weeks, that's the time left for us to spend the most terrifying night of the year: Halloween. Throughout this month we have been showing costumes for that scary night, as well as a most complete list of the most epic horror movies of our time. Today we have to give a different touch to our party, and we do it with 11 perfect accessories for the occasion.

Create your own DIY

If that craft has always accompanied you and you want to mark a DIY in your kitchen, what better than this little detail for your knife. Print this mummy, cut it and cut the knives on it. Yes, small details make big differences.

Does it make you a cake…?

The kitchen molds are perfect to create delicious and terrifying biscuits. In the shape of a skull or a dark grave, your sweet desserts will have a perfect touch for the occasion.

An ideal bottle opener

The details make the difference and the weight of success lies with them. A skull shaped bottle opener will be the perfect gadget to leave all guests with their mouths open.

Enchanted Potions

To create enchanted potions or serve delicious punches. We do not know what you are going to use these black bowls for, but the truth is that they will provide all the style that your table needs.

A terrifying cook

In the kitchen one should dress according to the moment. Do you want to scare the staff and at the same time give a fun touch to your outfit? Opt for this apron full of blood. Surely more than one remains petrified.

Is that blood there?

On Halloween a lot of blood is spilled ... Or so it seems. This cutting board is the gadget that your kitchen needs to dress with fun, originality and style.

What will you drink… ?

Whether punch, wine, water or any type of soda. At your table you can not miss these chilling cups.

Champion's breakfast

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to start the Halloween day well it is best to opt for a dish according to the moment. How about some eggs with bacon? Better if they come in the form of a skull. Waste style in your kitchen.

Never lose style

There are ways and ways to decorate the house on Halloween. If you are one of those who splurge style and at this time of the year do not want to stop doing it, it is best to trust these pumpkins from Crate & Barrel. At nightfall they light with a candle ... The best? There are different sizes.

Decorate the rooms

Home sweet home ... Sometimes. Decorate the rooms of your house with symbols that remember what we are celebrating. These black borders of an enchanted town are perfect for the living room.

The coolest corkscrew of the moment

Show that small details do matter. How? With this corkscrew decorated with a Mexican metal skull.

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