We speak with Lisa Eldridge, creative director of Lancôme, and she gives us all the keys to get a perfect makeup

Make-up artist youtuber and current global creative director of Lancôme, Lisa Eldridge is one of the most known beauty today. Seeing their tutorials has become a momentazo for all beauty freak. Its ultra-refined technique always leaves us perplexed and Your practical tips are our favorites to look splendid in a few minutes. Therefore, when we learned of his visit to Madrid by Lancôme to present in society the new makeup fund of the maison: Teint Idole Ultra Nude, we ran to talk to her looking for advice. Who wouldn't want to put on makeup in the morning just as well as she does in her videos?

For you, what does a makeup base have to be to be perfect?

First the colorIf color distracts you, it makes you think about makeup and less about the person. If a person's makeup melts well it is almost as if you do not see it, you only see the personality, the eyes. It is essential that the makeup base feels good.

Secondly the application. I always recommend that after applying the base, the brush or sponge is passed through the face to check that all areas have become homogeneous and it seems that the skin does not wear makeup.

In third place the texture That is something that depends on your skin type. So, if you have very dry skin and use a very matte and covering makeup base, your skin will look very dry and will add years to you. If you have oily skin if something matt is recommended, for dry skin better something that provides hydration. It is essential to consider the texture when choosing the makeup that best suits your skin type.

What are your tricks to find a foundation with the right shade?

The best light to choose the makeup background tone is the natural light. It is important not only look at the tone of the complexion of the face, but also in the color of the neck, neckline, arms, shoulders, hands ... And choose a midpoint. Especially in spring.

At the time of try a tone, should do in the chin area which is a few centimeters from the ear, never very close to the back of the neck because that area is darker. We must find the midpoint between the area under the ear and the central area of ​​the neck (this is also not true, since it is usually a little clearer than the rest of the neck) if we really want makeup to camouflage with our complexion.

The most effective tool for finding the ideal tone is the brain. The key is in know how to analyze the neutral areas of the skin and ask you many questions. Do you usually tan, do you usually wear dark lipsticks or low-cut t-shirts? All the details give us valuable information to perform the perfect makeup with the right shade.

You have been working with the new Lancôme base for some time, your best beauty secret to apply it?

This makeup base allows to apply one layer on another, getting a modular coverage. If you prefer a look style no-makeup, and since the finish is somewhat luminous, It can be used only in some areas, where there are spots or redness. And, given its lightness, it can be applied with the fingers.

To get a look brighter, It can be combined with a moisturizer, a touch of concealer or a few drops of highlighter.

If you only had five minutes to put on makeup, what would you use?

The five minutes of each woman are different. Some women are terrified of their dark circles, others want to cover the texture of their skin. If you have great skin, do not use your five minutes applying foundation and dark circles, apply mascara for example. The best advice is to use your time in what you worry most.

The best beauty advice you would give to your 20-year-old self

I would not give you any advice. I've made mistakes as a teenager and I don't careIt was a fun experiment that didn't hurt me. I learned a lot. I used to put many different colors in my eyes and used many things that were not good for me. But if I had the perfect makeup when I was young, would not have experienced And makeup should be creative. You should have fun with him. So I would repeat my mistakes.

How do you get the balance in a look final?

It is pure instinct. When I'm doing makeup, I work in stages because sometimes I don't know how the finish will be. As a makeup artist, I see how the makeup looks and I am judging on the fly. Until the end I never know how it will look. In fact, the magic of makeup happens in the last ten seconds. Suddenly, you put a touch of gloss and chas! everything fits.

How was working with Penelope Cruz?

Fantastic. It's so funny! She is a super affectionate person and, from the moment I met her, I felt I was like a friend. I think it's a real woman. You can have a woman-to-woman conversation with her and it makes me laugh a lot.

Teint Idole Ultra Nude (30.95 euros) does not replace the original; Lancôme is expanding the family. This new version is born from the need of some women of a lighter, fresher makeup base, with not so high coverage during the weekend or summer and is also available in 45 shades. According to the brand "the woman who has days in which she wants to have the feeling no makeup will love it" without giving up at 24 hours with a natural result.

My opinion?

Its average coverage makes it perfect for day to day and above all, to achieve that crystal skin effect that we like so much. It is not heavy at all and is easily applied. In my case, my dry skin thanks her a lot and I loved the idea of ​​being able to carry it in my bag and apply layer upon layer to cover more if for example after work I have an appointment.