The Paris Fashion Week kicks off with Jacquemus and its Fall-Winter 2019/2020 collection

The Fashion Weeks They come to an end and the last stop takes us to the city of Paris. With a very quiet first day, Jacquemus becomes the total protagonist after presenting his new Autumn-Winter 2019/20120 collection called "La Collectionneuse". How could it be otherwise, the French He has fallen in love with his feminine proposals, perfect for him streetwear where the vivid colors They have attracted attention.

Yes to the colorful looks

Choose a color (striking) and exploit it to the fullest. For several seasons, monochromatic styles fall in love with more and more people and the designer draws his most daring side by betting on striking tones that, at first glance, do not seem to be related to the Autumn-Winter season. Pink and red form one of the chromatic couples with more projection and this proposal shows how well they get along.

Warm shades for cold days

The coldest days of winter are dressed in warm colors that transport us to an era where the sun and heat are part of our day to day. In this way, the sky blue and the nuclear white will accompany more than one with the intention of living in an eternal summer.