Street style

Parisian streets will give us inspiration: work looks (perfect) with the blazer as the protagonist

Though we have a new month in the calendar, our day to day remains the same as always: same schedules, same closet and same morning questions when creating a style. We know that el blazer is the jacket par excellence and the looks of work acquire a more conservative touch with her on, but the truth is that this garment is much more than that. It adapts to all the styles that we put forward and today we show it with outfits perfect to go to the office (or where we want).

Playing with the shades

Mix shades, prints and fabrics, and if you are very daring (and the office allows it) dare with striking looks ... Without forgetting the blazer. The streets of Paris give us endless ideas to create daily looks.

Cowboys do work

Jeans are those versatile garments that, although it seems a lie, adapt to (almost) all occasions. Mixed with a heeled shoe and a blazer jacket we can achieve a perfect style for day to day.

Originality to power

There are sets of two pieces where originality takes over the final design. Once again, the details make the difference and become the protagonists.

Male touch and finish oversize

The masculine touch likes and the oversize finish is becoming more frequent. Far from giving a wrong image, this type of set brings style to the final look. Belts can help stylize the figure.

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