These are the 21 godmother dresses with which (almost, almost) you will be the protagonist of the wedding

After the bride, the godmother is the most important woman of any wedding. Of course, your style should be consistent with the position, presuming style and savoir-faire. The protocol dictates that she always go long, but that doesn't mean it has to be an outdated and outdated look. There are modern and elegant godmother dresses, these 21 proposals are proof of this.

Turn up the volume to the color

This season, the counterpoint to total white the godmother puts the bride with full color dresses, in which you can choose your favorite. From timeless classics such as red that are always a success; until the fuchsia trend that adore the celebrities. Do not forget the pastel tones: lilac and yellow become the must of the moment

  • Red dress with neckline bardot of Rosa Clará, 960 euros.

Dress with color-block Pronovias geometric, 229 euros.

  • Asymmetrical dress with Coosy lacing, 149 euros.
  • Column dress with halter neckline from Asos, 165.99 euros.
  • Romantic dress with body embellishment of Pronovias, 690 euros.
  • Fuchsia dress with flower neckline by Apparentia, 167.60 euros.

Don't be afraid of prints, which is spring

They may seem more complicated to defend, but the most colorful prints have sneaked into weddings and they bring spring to any of them (regardless of the time of year). The flowers are the most repeated of the godmother dresses, although there are also proposals for paintings for the most original godmothers. Find the one that best fits your style.

  • Blue dress with tropical print by Matilde Cano, 398 euros.
  • Dress with volume and a lot of flight print floral by Matilde Cano, 585 euros.
  • Fresh dress with Pronovias flower print, 299 euros.
  • Flower dress in black & white of Rosa Clará, 610 euros.
  • Dress with print of paintings by Carolina Herrera, 1,445 euros.

You will be his "something blue"

Blue is one of the colors that triumphs this season. Celebrities as Gigi Hadid or Kate Middleton do not resist him. It takes on special meaning at weddings, because American tradition says that the bride should wear something blue. That can be you! There are proposals in all shades, in version low cost and fancyWhat will you look like to take the groom to the altar?

  • Dressed with overlayer of Rosa Clará rhinestones, 790 euros.
  • Aquamarine dress with neckline halter of Pronovias, 350 euros.
  • Pastel dress with jewel buttons by Coosy, 170 euros.
  • Klein blue dress with pleated skirt from Asos, 152.99 euros.
  • Navy dress with puffed tulle sleeves of Color Nude, 390 euros.
  • Asymmetrical dress with cut outs from Apparentia, 151.60 euros.

The youngest godmother

Although the traditional thing is that the godmother is the mother of the groom, the truth is that the protocol has softened a lot in the last decade. Brides no longer marry in white, heels have been replaced by sports shoes ... and sometimes, the godmother is the best friend of the bride. That's why we made a selection of younger godmother dresses and millennial, but just as precious as the previous ones.

  • Dressed in color-block with seventies air of Cherubina, 350 euros.
  • Asymmetrical dress with multicolored glitter from Binami 13, 82.65 euros.
  • Satin dress with puffed sleeves from Uterqüe, 179 euros.
  • Uterqüe sequin dress, 199 euros.

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