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The holidays end in the new teaser of 'The paper house': there is already a release date for its third season on Netflix

Netflix announces the release date of Paper house, and the news could not make us happier. The most charismatic and most successful thieves of all Netflix will return in the summer. Will they hit again?

It was already news the signing of Najwa Rimri for this third season, as it was that Berlin appeared in scenes of his promos (like the one we see below), but we did not expect that the third season of the Spanish series would continue to surprise us only with a teaser of just 30 seconds.

The release date of the third season

We will have to wait until well into the summer to see the Professor and his entire troop together again in the third season, which He seems to start his story after his vacation.

At teaser we can see Tokyo, a character played by Úrsula Corberó, next to Rio, played by Miguel Herrán, on a paradise desert island, on a raft and enjoying the sun. Or the characters of Jaime Lorente and Esther Acebo with a baby in an Asian country. Even we can see a passionate kiss from the teacher and the inspector, in an idyllic place where anyone would want to get lost.

But then, everything ends. The perfect vacation seems not to be so much when military men appear on the scene. Do you get caught? Can they escape before? Netflix has not yet revealed the plot, and we have only been able to see these 30 seconds and a date, on which this third installment will be released: July 19.

Until then, we have to wait and keep thinking about whether Berlin will return again, if the biggest and most perfect blow can be repeated or if this time the plot will be Prison break and what they will plan is how to get out of jail to continue enjoying the money they made in the previous seasons.