Everything I've learned by watching the Netflix documentary by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, "Conquering the Congress"

Before women made history in the US Congress, 81% of congressmen were white upper class men. The Netflix documentary To conquer the congress, goes far beyond a primary campaign Democrat or a story of overcoming.

It reflects a great step for feminism when it comes to politics, and not only that, it is a learning available to anyone.

They have it easier

Already in the first two minutes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes it clear: men have a dress code very clear in politics, but women don't and they have to look much more what will be the image they give in public.

Paula Jean, another one of the protagonists of the documentary, narrates advice that was given to her when it was presented that show that machismo in this sector is still very present. “We have to work more in the election campaigns just because we are women”, says Paula.

And he is right. As we see in the documentary, It is still harder for a woman to enter a sector than until a few years ago, it was almost exclusive domain of men. Luckily it is beginning to change, but seeing this Netflix work that shows the ins and outs of American politics, it seems that they, even today and in the 21st century, still have it easier.

A change is possible and anyone can achieve it

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared at the congress in the 14th district of New York. She was a waitress, Latina and in the primary she defeated Crowley, a man consolidated in politics who in 14 years had no one to face him. He was considered the fourth most powerful Democrat in the US Congress.

Paula Jean during the Democratic Party primaries

Paula Jean appeared against Senator Paul Manchin, a vital asset for coal companies that earned millions with them. Cori Bush introduced himself to the primaries to aspire to Congress for the first district of Missouri. She was a nurse, mother of two children and a woman of color. Amy Vilela She is a single mother who became a financial director and faced the primary against former congressman Steven Horsford to be a congressional candidate in the fourth district of Nevada.

The four were part of a Democratic movement that tried to change the way of doing and seeing the politics of the country, especially with regard to women. Not all of them got it, but thanks to them it was possible to see that a change is possible and that anyone has the capacity to implement it, be it in the field of life that is.

This change of electoral paradigm is already reflected even in the television series. The bold type, one of the hidden gems that Amazon Prime Video hides, has used this same change as one of the plots of its third season, not only because a young woman with no political experience comes to the primary, but because she is also a woman, of color and lesbian

You have to work hard and from below to get high

This was already taught to me by my parents, but it is not bad to keep it in mind more often: hard and well done work sooner or later is rewarded. And the documentary To conquer the congress He reminds us not only of the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but of the rest of the women who star in it.

"For every ten rejections, you have an acceptance, so you win everything", Alexandria explains to her niece in the middle of the primary campaign. Far from positioning ourselves in politics, this statement is fantastic. An example of resilience, hard work, perseverance.

Teamwork is vital

Do not think that the four women protagonists did all the work. Something that Netflix's documentary shows us is that teamwork is necessary for success. You need to surround yourself with people who value your own work and with whom together, you get a better and more complete result.

Use social networks as a communication tool

It's already happened with Barack Obama. His use of social networks marked his campaign, and in the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, even more. Activate on Instagram, on Twitter and on Facebook, She was born in the Bronx and used social networks, which she already used, but this time as a means of communication. And as in Chain of favours, transformed his messages into a river with more and more flow.

If each one of those who received his message could transmit it at the stroke of click to two more, and these to two others and then each of those two to two more, and so on, the impact that was achieved was much greater than with other means. Social networks are a communication tool, a window to who you are that can say many things about you without you noticing.

Maybe when you see it, you think that it is an American or that you do not like or come to US policy, or even politics in general. For my part I invite you to read between the lines, to see beyond and to discover in this documentary how feminism took a step forward in politics thanks to these women who fought and thanks to the triumph of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they won.