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Carlota Casiraghi and the look of more than 7,000 euros with which she won the Cannes Festival last night and we too

Carlota Casiraghi He went to the movie screening last night 'Lux Aeterna' at Cannes festival. The young monarch was not adorned with a long dress or gala, but did it with a much more sporty styling, but without losing that aura of style that always tries to preserve.

Styling is a real wonder, signed from top to bottom by Saint laurent and wearing the clothes that right now all the firm's lovers are looking forward to finding and buying.

Campaign look

The most shocking of Carlota Casiraghi In this red carpet has been the mini black monkey with colored stars and a big red heart embroidered in sparkly sequins. A piece that was part of the campaign of the collection and that has a price of 4,900 euros. She has combined it with a red leather belt with small studs, 650 euros.

The sandals that Carlota has worn are meaningless, and have become a real boom. We talk about the model 'Edwige', a spice of peeptoes finished in tip with bracelet in the ankle, if you find them available you can buy them by 695 euros. Finally, the bag with crocodile print model 'Sunset' black color whose price is 1850 euros. A spectacular look, but no act for all budgets.

Video: Los mejores looks de Carlota Casiraghi. HOLALA! (January 2020).