We celebrate World Celiac Day with 16 gluten-free signatures and their most iconic products

Today is World Celiac Day, to make visible the extent of this disease and remember the importance of gluten-free. Not only in food. Because although the need for a gluten free cosmetics, there are already many celiacs who prefer to prevent than cure and resort to it. You are one of them? Then you can not miss these proposals gluten-free.

Cosmetic expert Caroline Greyl knows that having celiac disease does not carry a reaction hazard in the use of cosmetics, because it is a food intolerance. Although there is some debate about lipsticks and nail polishes, which can be ingested. But nevertheless, allergies can suffer reactions adverse:

For people who have gluten intolerance there would be no danger in using cosmetics that contain it. However, allergy sufferers should avoid contact with any type of product Let him take it. It is true that there are few people really allergic to gluten, and that most are intolerant, a condition that often comes with age.

Cosmetic products for gluten intolerant and allergic

Leonor Greyl

According to the cosmetic firm itself, they have long been "formulating their products with gluten-free cereal extracts," so all of their products are perfectly safe for any celiac or allergic to this ingredient. An example of this is Sublime Meches, its fortifying cuticle shampoo based on gluten-free quinoa protein for 38.35 euros.

Izba Nature

The very founder of the firm talks about the importance of looking for lipsticks and nail polishes gluten-free, because "they may involve risks for celiacs, but do not forget about massage oils and aphrodisiacs ". That is why his firm is totally safe and gluten-free, including its well-known seaweed draining and firming oil based on seaweed (45 euros).

Nuggela & Sulé

If you are obsessed with their specialized and personalized shampoos to take care of all hair types, their most famous onion-based proposal and all their hair care are in luck. Because everything in Nuggela & Sulé is gluten free, including your food supplement Martinn (29.90 euros) that celiacs can consume without fear.


This is one of our favorite stores and its vegan, paraben-free and naturally formulated philosophy has a lot to do with it. However, gluten is not a chemical and may be present in some of your products. We recommend your Replenish Body Oil nutritious body oil (45 euros): all the pleasure of APoEM in format gluten-free.

Wet n'Wild

The Los Angeles cosmetic firm is proud to make all its products vegan, without animal testing and totally allergen free, including gluten. The only thing about Wet n'Wild that does have risks for celiacs is its Megawink mask. Everything else, serve yourselves. Our favorite is currently this base in stick 6.99 euros.

Tarte Cosmetics

In the frequently asked questions section of its website, the brand states that "all its products are formulated without parabens, mineral oils, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or gluten, to name a few compounds." So to try it without fear, which is one of the most signatures millennial, fun and colorful market. And if you are looking for a recommendation, do not hesitate to try its iconic concealer (27.95 euros) and the same blush that Meghan Markle uses (30.95 euros).

Coco & Eve

The famous most desired mask is totally gluten-free, so a stub for celiacs that they can use it without fear to have a blow! Of course, it is not cheap and its price of almost 40 euros makes it a whim beauty.

BITE Beauty

This firm is fully specialized in lip products, whatever gluten-free It is ideal to avoid accidents when licking your lips. In addition, they also do intolerance tests to make sure. It only sells in the United States and Canada, but at Amazon we can find some of its best sellers as the agave lip mask (62.69 euros).

Alima Pure

This firm makes totally eco-made mineral based makeup and cruelty-free. Of all their products, they are especially proud of their loose powders, with which they make blushers, bases, concealers, illuminators and shadows. "All our powders are gluten-free, just like the lipsticks and the mask. But nevertheless, only our powders are produced in a space gluten-free"So if you throw yourself to try them, let it be with them to avoid scares.

Gabriel Cosmetics

The entire line of this cosmetic firm is certified by the very same Gluten Free Certification Organization, so the celiac tolerance It is fully insured. We recommend trying your set of five nail polishes in intense bluish tones for less than 30 euros.

Lily lolo

According to this British makeup firm, everything in your store is gluten free except its BB Cream, so it is the ideal place to get a good makeup or skin treatments without fear. Its night moisturizer has a wonderful reputation and can be ours for 26 euros.

Red Apple Lipstick

This cosmetic company is fully specialized in lips. And they are not just lipstick. They also have eyeliner pencils, glosses, balms and all kinds of lip care, including the scrub best-seller About 15 euros. We know that these are the most susceptible cosmetics to produce intolerances because they have a higher risk of being ingested, but with Red Apple Lipstick you don't have to fear because everything is gluten free and rigorously tested for it.

Too Faced Cosmetics

The famous firm is completely gluten free, with the exception of its lip liner pencil. That is why it is a wonderful option when buying makeup if you are allergic to this ingredient, knowing for sure that nothing will give you a reaction. It is also one of the most popular and modern brands in the market, So don't be afraid of color! Its Natural Lust Eye Palette palette of 58.95 euros is a dream come true.

Camaleon Cosmetics

The famous magic lipsticks (6.95 euros) of Camaleon Cosmetics join the initiative gluten-free Because in addition to protecting the lips against the harmful effects of sunrays with SPF 50, They do not contain gluten and are perfectly safe For use in celiacs.

Teeez Cosmetics

The Dutch firm is totally vegan and gluten-free, with a European production and very young and fun products. We were able to try several of them a few months ago and we can say that, without a doubt, the colored moisturizer (31.96 euros) is a must that can not be missing in our bag.

Bite Beauty - Agave Lip Mask - Natural by Bite Beauty

Today on Amazon for € 62.69

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