Interview with artist Okuda San Miguel: "Instagram has given me more freedom"

Okuda San Miguel He has become one of the most admired Spanish artists in the world. Considered "the Spanish Bansky"is known for his urban art works and has become a Cantabrian modernity icon. Painter, sculptor and Cantabrian designer, performs large-scale works and transgressive air that are formed by fragmented figures in geometric shapes and strong polychrome full of positivism.

He has left his mark in places like Parisreinterpreting The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci in a mural 60 meters high, Boston, with its outdoor exhibition, helping in the reform of the Pediatric ICU from the San Carlos Clinic hospital with support from the Aladina Foundation, or in the transformation of an abandoned church in Asturias that became a place for leisure and skateboarding.

His last job is a intervention in the Casa San Miguel Ibiza, a multicultural experience, in which you can live different activities during the months of June and July. During the summer, House San Miguel Ibiza It becomes a true reference when it comes to rediscovering the most restless and innovative gastronomy, music and art.

Why its success? Has the artist managed to prove that the graffiti Can it lead to success? We know a little more about Oscar San Miguel Erice and we talked with him about urban art, his work and his inspiration.

Tell us what your intervention will be like at Casa San Miguel Ibiza, what have you been inspired by?

I have simply collected several of my icons, for example, my surreal landscapes and one of my muses. I have been inspired by the very fact of drinking, because drinking is necessary to live, and the idea is to make a metaphor that my muse drinks from the world. It feeds on all cultures, from all countries.

What is the work you are most proud of?

Perhaps the church of Llanera (Asturias), because it was my first work, or the only one I have done for myself. I discovered the place online, I fell in love with it and put everything in my hand, with the help of several brands and a crowdfunding. However, for the rest of the projects, they have called me and everything is closed. In addition, various media themes were added to the Church ... Skate, religion and contemporary art.

What have you kept in your work from the beginning and what have you changed?

I have maintained the idea or relationship I have with surrealism, which I acquired in my academic era. I think that even when I started painting letters, the letters were already a duality; they were letters and at the same time they were skulls, faces or things like that. I think that surrealism has always been present in my work.

How do you choose the supports?

Many do not choose me, but the cultural managers, promoters or agencies I work with, I love varying support, country, technique ... vary, not always do the same. Suddenly being a month in the studio, the following week make a 25-story mural, the next a sculpture in Boston ... I love to vary, but I get bored.

You have more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram, how do social networks influence your work?

I think that social networks have given me more freedom, in every way, what has made me rain projects from all places, have given me recognition in places where I would never have imagined, for example, with the Church of Llanera I did interviews for countries that don't even have Street art, such as Thailand (which they still have now). Social networks allow you not to depend on anyone, you can show yourself to the world just as you want to show yourself and you have the pan by the handle in the art world. You are the owner of yourself and nobody else is.

Is it necessary to be on Instagram to become a brand that sells?

Instagram is an essential tool for any artist, brand or company.

Thanks to your success you can choose in which projects to collaborate and in which not, what type of projects are the ones that motivate you the most?

It motivates me to do things in countries that I have not yet gone to and that is something bigger than what I have already done so far. In size and budget, because it allows me to do things that I don't do the same, such as taking the sculpture to an architectural term that can be habitable. So I can keep moving forward and growing. That is what motivates me the most.

Right now you have an unstoppable work pace, you travel all over the world ... what do you like to do to relax?

I like to go see my mother, I have abandoned the poor because I travel a lot. What I like to do to relax is to do nothing, people on vacation travel and I do not, I do not travel, I like to go to my mother, to the beach ... In general, when I am traveling, I like leave me free days in between to meet new beaches, wonderful new places, party with my friends, because I have many DJs friends. Every time I am in Madrid or in places where I meet people, like New York, what I like to do is go out, because I think that is also very important for creativity and to keep you alive.

What projects do you have in mind in the future?

I have a full year of projects, but there are so many that I couldn't tell you right now. I go to Las Vegas on Friday to make a fairly large mural that is completed with two species of typical American advertising posters, that is, we paint the mural plus the two posters.

In France I make a building and then I return to Madrid, which I feel like very much, to prepare my expo Philippines work, then I go to Russia and again to Las Vegas to do another project, I will also make a large sculpture for Seattle and another for India ... and very cool things also for next year.

In addition, I have a collaboration that makes me especially excited, because my two passions are art and music, and in this project they would come together, giving life to my creations in 3D and, in addition, being able to interact with them ... It will be Wonderful and will take place around a dance floor.

Would you like to enter an artistic discipline that you have not tried yet?

In all with which I have something to do and that contribute something to me ... I would not know how to tell you any at this time ... maybe music, cooking ... I take new paths from everything.

We thank Okuda for his participation in the interview and San Miguel for making it possible for us to meet this artist who is giving so much to talk about. We will be very attentive to the next Okuda San Miguel projects.

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