Zendaya and her satin pajamas in the Empire State Building are the most elegant we have seen today

Zendaya's style is something totally innate. Garment that touches, garment that becomes stellar, no matter how complicated it is. He has done it with sweatshirts oversize They looked like a ball of wool and bus print. And now he returns to the charge, showing us that for our summer nights we can go with the pajamas on and be the divas of the party.

The pajama style has been giving cane for some time, although there are few celebrities who dare to wear it at events and red carpets. Well combined, with a good look makeup and accessories that raise it, create very sophisticated male outfits and Zendaya is the living proof of that. The fault is the satin fabric, which always manages to give more luxury to our looks.

Zendaya and his cast partner Tom Holland in Spiderman They went yesterday to the Empire State Building to turn on the building in blue and red, the colors of the superhero. For the occasion, the actress chose a flared high-rise pants and a shirt oversize buckled halfway, to show off the abdomen. This Two-piece satin suit is signed by Peter Do, which she combined with stilettos from Casadei, high ponytail and red lips.

Zendaya's proposal is from the simplest to implement in our summer nights, because it lacks excesses, accessories that give heat or too many complications. A look of ten for a good cause, because this ignition of the Empire State was done in honor of The Brothers Trust, the solidarity organization of the family of Tom Holland.

Video: Zendaya coordinates her new red hair with Fendi pajama inspired outfit (January 2020).