Do you have three months to travel? Daniela didn't have them either, but she left everything to tour the United States in a van

Almost all of us have ever dreamed of leaving our job, packing and going to travel around the world at our leisure. In fact, I swear it is a fairly common dream on Monday mornings. But few people dare with it. Daniela Tulai-Depner is the exception. Of German origin but resident in Romania, Daniela planned for one year her adventure with her partner. And they got it: they toured the United States for three months in a van. They lived unforgettable experiences. They visited fascinating places. But love did not survive. This is his story.

The plans

Daniela worked as a librarian at a German institution in Romania. As a tireless traveler, I already knew practically all of Europe, but I wanted to cross the puddle and visit the United States. His partner, Solomon Brezoi, has North American nationality, so he looked for a job. Daniela, as a tourist, could only be 90 days in the country, so they planned to visit as many places as possible in those three months.

The solution came with the work Solomon found in the United States. A courier company hired him to deliver packages from one side of the country to the other. Not only would the fuel and the means of transportation be free, but the delivery van would allow them to sleep on-site, without the need to spend extra money on hotels.

Daniela and Solomon saved for a year, in addition to performing a concert tour as musicians amateur for Holland From the money they got from their performances, most of the budget for the trip came out. So, with everything planned, Daniela quit her job as a librarian and went on an adventure.


Daniela and Solomon fulfilled their dream. For 90 days, they toured the United States. They visited 28 states and drove 32,000 miles (about 51,500 kilometers). They slept in the van or, when time allowed, outdoors, under the stars.

Their adventure is documented in Daniela's blog (Ela's Food) and in her Instagram account, where we can see them enjoy New York, Chicago, Florida, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or Hollywood. They even crossed the Canadian border to enjoy Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

Oh! the love

Daniela recognizes that both she and Solomon were a little lost when they began their adventure. They did not know very well which way to go with their lives. During the trip, we could see some romantic gestures of the couple, like Solomon would wake her up every morning with her favorite Starbucks coffee, as she had promised before leaving.

But, in the end, it could not be. How Daniela revealed in an emotional post farewell in your blog, At the end of the trip, she and Solomon decided to continue their paths separately. Love did not triumph among them, but, at least, neither will ever forget the great traveling adventure they lived.

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