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Eight types of sexual encounters that are overrated (and the movies are to blame)

The sex scenes in the movies They are usually very far from what real sex is (and we don't even refer to porn). That has created some expectations in our mind They differ a lot from reality. You want to give a chance to that scene that is so cool in the movies, because of what "you have to try everything", but it almost always turns out Much more disappointing than you had imagined.

Sex in the shower

Unless you have at your disposal a shower as huge as Mr. Gray's, sex in the shower can be uncomfortable, potentially dangerous and prone to accidents, and not as warm as it seems unless your ecological awareness shines through its absence.

The first time

We imagine it romantic, sweet, special and most of the time it is usually disappointing, short, and zero satisfactory. Is it to blame? The inexperience, the nerves, and that the scenes of the movies do not teach us what real sex is like. Luckily it improves with time.

Sex on the beach

A classic of the summer adventures that usually ends with sand even in the identity card, going cold, losing the keys in the sand and with some voyeur who walked along the beach taking a look.

In the kitchen

As in the postman Always calls two times, that of having a sweeping scene in which let's tear our clothes wildly and we don't care about flour, knives and everything in between, to enjoy a quick and passionate one On the kitchen table it can seem very tempting, except when you discover that the countertop is terribly hard and cold, the salt shaker is sticking in your back and that it is not easy to change positions.

With your ex

If you both decided in full use of mental faculties that it was better to turn the page, What makes you think it is worth tripping again on the same stone?. It is true that you both know what makes each other enjoy, and that in the movies they sell us as the most romantic moment of reunion after so many separate times, but as Samantha Jones said, "Sex with an ex can be most depressing. Even if you like it, you won't be able to have more and if it's bad, it's even worse because you just had sex with your ex”.

In the bathroom of an airplane

Who decided for the first time that doing it in a tiny place, that smells bad, unhygienic and with people waiting at the door was sexy? The movies, not the reality.

A threesome

In the movies we see it so coordinated, sensual, daring and satisfying for all three, which we have added to the list of what at least once in life must be proven. And what can happen in reality? That nothing is as you expect. Instead of a choreographed dance we find too many arms, too many legs, and too many genital organs to attend and satisfy. Total stress


As if they were Hercules who can lift us effortlessly and we light dancers light as a feather and perfectly capable to contort and adapt to any position, Standing sex is common in movies as a metaphor for frenzy and passion. But neither they are so strong nor are we so easy to lift by hand to have a minimally satisfying standing sex.

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