Sit in New York without leaving Madrid, because we finally have a good bite of the Big Apple

For those of us who spend Christmas in Madrid, sometimes the city is too small for us and we look with envy (from the bad and green one) to those who escape on vacation. That's why the Only You Hotel Atocha a New York spirit twist is brought to the capital It's all a breath of fresh air. Would you like to travel to the Big Apple this month, tomorrow or right now? With These experiences will not only feel you already in Manhattan, but that you will believe yourself the king of the city, and quite rightly.

The Only You Hotel Atocha opened in November and, Like everything that is new, you need to make a difference. In his case he has achieved this by associating with Seagram's Gin and organizing an amazing four-month event, with which he tries to bring a New York outfit to Madrid, as well, without airplanes or stops in between. Have you always felt that you have a hipster from Tribecca inside struggling to get out? Well, now he will go out and have fun as a dwarf through the halls of this hotel.

Cocktail bar

About afterwork with cocktails it is more American than the oval office, there is no one to miss it, neither there nor here. For this they have landed in Madrid some of the cocktail bars best known of the Big Apple, as The dead rabbit, considered the best bar in the world 2016. What do you fancy a gin tonic? Do you prefer a Manhattan? Are you doing the postureo and want one of those glasses full of fruits, cucumbers and umbrellas? This is the site.

Live jazz

When we think of New York, jazz music always plays in the background, is the romantic image we have of the city. Reality sounds more like traffic jams, car beeps and shouts from hot dog stands. Nobody is perfect. Not even New York.

But nevertheless, we want to live in our reverie that the city of skyscrapers sounds like R&B, trumpets and pianos and here they let us do it with the legendary Blue Note club, through which stars like Stevie Wonder or Lizza Minnelli have passed. Of course, the perfect place to have a very cool and different date.

Barber shop

The hipster and retro lovers are in luck, because another one of the experiences made in USA we found is the classic barber shop, the barbershop of a lifetime with a very modern touch. Careless or outdated Madrid beards, fear. Frank's Chop Shop barbershop Lower east side He has come to pamper you and put some order in your beautiful facial.

New York gastronomy

Both jazz, cocktails and haircuts get hungry, and We can't talk about authentic American experience without talking about good food. That is why Michelin-starred chef Bryce Shuman has come from Fifth Avenue to make us his best dishes on the roof of the hotel. Rich food and amazing views, what more could you ask for?

Well, you can ask for more, by asking not to be left. And it is that among its star dishes Mr. Bryce makes a scrubber burger, one of a lifetime without too much accessory or complement. Of course, a lot of jazz, a lot of barber and a lot gin tonicBut how were we going to feel in New York without a hamburger?

Source | Only You Hotel Atocha.

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