Do we lie to women to be 'real women'? A book gives us the answer to this question

Waxing, diets, menstruation, complexes ... These are topics that, for better or worse, are part of the daily life of many women. Now, a book by the Andalusian illustrator Rocío Salazar, asks a few questions that can lead us to reflection: Are women really free to make decisions about our body, our physical appearance or the way we dress? Are our tastes really our?

Lies to be a real woman. Beginner's Manual deals with humor and irony the tricky business of different models of women, while throw a positive message of self-acceptance. It is over to think that we are the only ones with hairs, with painful and uncomfortable rules (and blue, as in the ads), the victims of the diets and that the complexes are something intrinsically feminine.

The book was presented last December and is on sale at Amazon for a price of 18 euros.

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Lies To Be A Real Woman (Illustration)

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