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Don't you want to see your ex even in photos? These stickers are the solution to make it disappear

With the arrival of Valentine, they are all couples in love singing their romance to the four winds. But what happens to those who have been through a breakup recently and those who on February 14 plunge into misery? Hofmann takes it with philosophy and good humor, with a collection of stickers that will help you erase your ex from all the photos in an elegant and fun way. You won't have to look at your face anymore!

With the downturn of a break the behavior pattern begins. We start gossiping your Facebook and we end up rescuing all the photos We had together. There, rejoicing in our sadness as souls in sorrow taken from The diaryof Bridget Jones. Facebook can be blocked, and those old photographs now too. The ones you don't like the strips. And those that you want to keep because you come out of fear you can keep them without spikes stuck with these stickers.

The new Hofmann collections will help you make your ex disappear from your life, or at least from your photos. They are stickers that you can stick right on your face. A simple and painless solution. Choose the designs that best suit your tastes and needs: sexy and handsome surfers, ghosts for a ghost of the past, headbags, pixels or motivational phrases to stop loving him and loving you more.

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