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What was missing: now broken hearts are not overcome with liters of ice cream, but with apps like this

If you, your best friend, neighbor or brother have experienced a recent breakup, you will recognize the symptoms: talk about it without stopping, watch the former in question in networks and rejoice in pain and despair. If this is your case or that of someone you know and you no longer know what to try to stop it, here is a new idea. Mend is a app which is proclaimed as "the coach of the broken hearts" and aims to help you avoid having a bad time and move on with your life.

To begin, it is important to understand that Mend is not just about you and your horrible break. Is a complete community of disenchanted people and with a broken heart. It is made up of thousands of people, men and women, heterosexuals and homosexuals. All of them with the same purpose: to overcome their "ex" with the help of Mend's advice.

To start this strange journey, all you have to do is tell Mend your sorrows in a very schematic way: your name, date of rupture, last time you spoke with the above or above and, finally, the reason for your rupture.

Its operation is very similar to that of apps to lose weight or lead a healthy life, in which you measure calories, kilometers, ingested water, your heart rate and even the muffins you eat for breakfast. Do you want to tell someone your sorrows as soon as you get up but your friends are tired of hearing you talk about it? Mend will listen to you and even ask you how you are and how the breakdown affects your life.

To get out of this emotional bump, Mend offers you audios in which it forces you to recognize some uncomfortable truths and ridiculous behaviors we all have during a breakup. Have you read his old messages? Have you searched on Facebook? Caught Hunt. Guilty, guilty and guilty. But Mend is understanding, Mend doesn't judge and he answers you with phrases like "you are not crazy, everything will be better".

No, really, but how does it work? Well, the idea is quite simple. Every day, Mend offers you a motivational audio in which it makes you see (or, at least, try) that you are in a grieving process that will stop hurting. Tea logeasyou do check-in (that is, present), do you hear the wise words of bot and you write what you think of it, what you feel or simply talk bad about your ex, which is very healthy from time to time. It also offers you ideas of activities that you can do to avoid getting into bed with two liters of vanilla ice cream.

We have to go outside, play sports, meet someone or treat yourself and pamper yourself. So far so good. Then he offers to contact our ex. That? Do not! Evil! We also fear therapy, which would save us the entire process of app and meet someone new. Come on, the classic "one nail takes out another nail" older than the cough. And Mend asks you to write comments about that activity, that more than worried about you, it seems that the app He wants to gossip.

The app It is free, but it has a paid version for those who take the gustillo and want to be part of the community. Which does not convince us too much. That is, joining a community of fashion, film, photography and sharing interests and passions may help you regain happiness, but being a "mender" of the broken hearts community doesn't seem the most hopeful to smile again, don't you think? Yes, everyone is free to rely on technology as much as they want, but nothing increases self-esteem again as a friend with patience and a lot of Comtessa cake.

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