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We know the secret of Blake Lively to lose weight after pregnancy (but we would not do exactly the same)

We love Blake Lively, his waste of sympathy, his naturalness, his looks and, why not say, his tremendous great guy. And after giving birth to her first child she had eight months to prepare for her role in Blue hell, a movie in which he spent most of his time in a bikini.

And although at the time he was not overwhelmed by not having a perfect body after giving birth (as we tell you in this article), he also had to prepare for the role of the moment. But that was not a problem for the actress, who confessed during an interview how he had managed to recover his wonderful figure.

In an interview for the Australian program Kyle and Jackie O Show explained how he had achieved it: giving up all processed foods. But also eliminating gluten from your diet and soy. And, of course, doing a lot of physical exercise.

In the same interview he confessed how hard it had been for her to give up this, especially bread, and eat such a restrictive diet: "Just try gluten and soy and you'll see how hard it is"he explained.

But he also confessed that he was trying follow a diet as balanced as possible, including protein, carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables: "And it wasn't the worst. I was eating rice and sushi.".

Blake Lively is not the first celebrity to which we have heard him defend the benefits of giving up gluten to lose weight more quickly and recover the line in occasional moments such as after pregnancy. But as our colleagues in Vitónica tell us, a diet based on gluten-free foods is not suitable for people who are not intolerant of this protein. It does not have to make us lose weight or help us lose weight and there are no studies to support it. What usually happens is that when you give up buns, breakfast cereals, etc., we go to processed food as Blake says, and instead opt for natural and less processed foods It is helping to take care of your weight.

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