Memes become makeup with the most ridiculous beauty trend on the Internet

Sometimes the Internet is the strongest there is and completely loses the sense of ridicule. This is one of those times, because we have crossed the border between art, fantasy makeup and madness. Now the new trend that triumphs on Twitter is #MemeMakeup. Or what is the same, take the most famous memes and paint them on our eyelids. Who wouldn't want a weeping Kim on her face? Or rather, who would want it?

Forget everything we thought we knew about crazy makeup on the Internet. Not even the tutorials to become Pokemon are up to par. The latest news is the viral Internet memes, like Kim Kardashian crying, the frog Gustavo or the cook who became famous for spicing the food in style.

Me: don't contribute to the meme makeup trend
Inner Me: do it

- nia (@niasmakeup) March 15, 2017

Bold and Brash - Squidward Tentacles (2001)

- boobafina (@thai_brows) March 13, 2017

I'm here for this meme makeup trend God bless @thai_brows

- الجنة (@_jsxo_) March 15, 2017

All of them must be turned into miniatures and painted on the eyelids. Better do it as soon as possible, because this is one of those beauty trends that Internet peta one day and forget the next (and less bad).

i'm dirty dan

- middle name extra (@lauraaa_kate) March 14, 2017

I thought I would do a meme makeup look !! (excuse my brows & that patchy shadow idk what its doing)
inspiration was @thai_brows

- glam by soph (@glambysoph) March 15, 2017

hoppin on that meme makeup trend

- jenny (@toohyphyjenny) March 18, 2017

Of course, an absolute madness promoted by beauty bloggers and makeup artists on-line, which has risen like foam and has gotten out of hand. Of course, fun is a while and demuestra that originality has no limits. Or too much free time.

In Jared | Make up as if you were hangover: this is the #HangoverMakeup.

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