Sara Sampaio and Victoria's Secret present us the latest perfume of the firm

We know that El Secreto de Victoria It is not only a lingerie and bathroom firm: its beauty collection has made iruumpa in this world and its perfumes are increasingly popular. With the arrival of the Spring-Summer 2017 season, the brand has decided to present a new limited edition of the perfume Very Sexy Now. And what better way than to resort to the charms of Sara Sampaio for your campaign ...

The Portuguese model achieves the opposite effect: that all eyes are focused on it and not on the perfume. How could it be otherwise, the photographer Russell James has been responsible for immortalizing each of the images.

What does it smell like?

This new edition smells like a tropical island where floral and fruity notes are perfect. Following the lines of the previous packaging, this new edition is dressed in a vintage print of the most cool.

  • Release Notes Guava.
  • Heart. Flowers.
  • Background Notes Coconut.

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