This is the spring star skirt, and we all want to have it in our closet

A garment arrives every season Item It promises to revolutionize our closet. In autumn it was the pleated midi skirt in different colors, which led to Victoria Beckham herself. But now these designs below the knee are going to the opposite pole, adjusting to the body and incorporating flyers. It could not be otherwise, they are the most powerful trend of the summer. With all of you, the mermaid skirt that will give new life to our styles.

These skirts they change the direction that fashion had taken lately, in which the comfort of leggings, the joggers and the sports shoes had been imposed. But nothing is forever in the life of a fashionist, and now we leave aside the wide skirts to adjust and get into one of these precious fish shaped like a fish tail (or mermaid, to be more chic).

With them we create new shapes and curves in our body, giving greater prominence to the waist and hip and getting a lot of volume in the area of ​​the legs and ankles. In addition, their design and the way they fall adds a very sophisticated touch that takes us considerably away from the style sporty We have used so much. And it never hurts to raise the look, although then we give a twist and combine with sneakers.

Do you like what you see and it would be cool to apply it to your outfits? Here are some ideas to get the midi star ruffle skirt of spring, and without having to throw the house out the window. Happy shopping!

  • Zara embroidered vichy skirt, 39.95 euros.
  • Skirt midi with Zara steering wheel, 29.95 euros.
  • Skirt with low steering wheel of Mango, 29.99 euros.
  • Lace skirt with flounce from Asos, 39.99 euros.

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