Duel of styles

This striped monkey from Tularosa will conquer you (as well as them)

We are no longer surprised every time we see a fashion girl match a style with another it girl. When a garment / brand becomes fashionable We know that there will be an invasion of images in social networks. With the arrival of spring, it is Tularosa the one that sneaks into our screen. How? In the form of mono-pants, striped and with the bare back. A perfect piece to face a transition time Warm and full of style.

The comparisons are hateful

Yes, it is not right to make comparisons - sometimes they are even hateful - but they are inevitable. And when we meet these girls with the same piece we wonder who is wearing it better? To be able to opt for one side of the balance we must focus our attention on the accessories that each of them have chosen.

How would you combine it?

As with all garments of this brand, this jumpsuit is not cheap but we can treat ourselves from time to time. It can be ours for 186.54 euros, the question is how would you combine it?