27 reasons why sisters are the best life companions (if you're lucky)

Sisters! They are not like lentils: you don't take them or leave them, but they accompany you for the rest of your life. It does not matter that sometimes we want to drown them, that we go through times when we get along badly or worse or that we have not seen them for centuries, if you are lucky and the lottery has touched you in this category you can always count on them. For better and for worse. The best travel companions for many reasons.

1.- He knows practically everything there is to know about you, what comes great when you need to someone give you your objective opinion (no hair on the tongue, no brakes and no nuances).

2.- It is true: you have no secrets for each other and is the only person in the world that you can trust your credit card PIN or where you keep condoms.

3.- With it you will know that you have an ally to face those family gatherings that take you out of your mind.

4.- And a faithful companion with whom to take turns to attend to all those small and great obligations such as giving your aunt Enriqueta a whiff, looking for a gift that your father likes without hobbies or organizing the surprise birthday party for mom.

5.- You have a past in common. Translation: he is the only person who shares your musical tastes, gets excited with the same scenes in each movie, nostalgia remember those vacation spots, etc. And the best: he doesn't mind talking about it for hours and hours.

6.- It is One of the few people in the world that you can do anything without being ashamed of.

7 .- You have said everything to each other, which is a good way to train for any discussion you have to face for the rest of your life.

8.- Thanks to her you have twice as many clothing options to wear. Come on: twice as many jeans, black dresses and wardrobe, in general.

9.- No one will tell you with such sincerity as she does that those pants make you a folder ass or that green makes you always look like a malaria patient.

10.- But also know how nobody feels best for you and he will notify you if he finds in a store the dress you have been looking for since the age of fifteen.

11.- If you have the same size you will not have to make an effort to take the clothes you do not want anywhere, your sister is like a broom truck sweeping in your closet.

12.- You have so, so, so seen that is one of the first people in the world to realize that you have changed your hair or lost those kilos.

13.- He has seen you in your best moments, in the worst and in the most horrible. So it has enough proven data to answer that important question of "how am I?". And even to make you an exhaustive analysis. And capture that blind spot that the mirrors of the testers do not have.

14.- You both keep your back to the stylistic catastrophes of the other's past. Who has no skeletons (graphic evidence) to hide in the closet?

15.- Thanks to her you will always have someone to talk to at any time of the day. Or of the night.

16.- But also someone to be comfortable in silence for hours.

17.- You don't need to posture with her. It has a good impact on you, which is a relief today with so much demonstrating and demonstrating how much you cool all the time.

18.- If she is the biggest insurance that your experience will help you: to open doors, to better understand what is coming up, to your first experience with sex, to face your first suspended exam or that failed job interview.

19.- If its influence is the smallest It will be like a breath of fresh air in your life, will bring you up to date on the latest of the last so that you don't remain like a carcamal.

20.- You don't need to invent your own language: with your sister you can have the craziest and most incomprehensible conversations of history And find all the meaning. And draw conclusions.

21.- But also you have the power to communicate without words, although you don't believe in telepathy.

22.- You lived your pregnancy with the same intensity and enthusiasm as yourself.

23.- She love your children as much as you, which is great when you need an emergency babysitter and you are at the end of the month.

24.- She is the coolest aunt in the universe and your children love her too.

25.- You will not go anywhere. Is there for you always.

26.- Even if you live thousands of kilometers away, yes it's really important will come to your side.

27.- It doesn't have to be your best friend, not one more. It is a different relationship, like no other you will have in your life, but it will be forever.

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