We hallucinate with the (temporary) change of look of Lily Aldridge, betting on the blond and the haircut of the moment

Lily Aldridge has starred in one of thats look changes that has left us speechless. And it is that the model has uploaded to her Instagram account an image that has little to do with her usual mane. Of course, it has been only temporarily since it was a wig, although it would have been a success if it were permanent.

Of course, as we have loved, we have been able to bring you the keys of this look by the hand of Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, who has analyzed this radical change of Lily that the stylist considers to be a great bet.

As for the cut, that can not be more current and pure trend, Eduardo gives us all the keys that we should take into account.

On the basis of a straight cut made with a razor, the tips and contour have been sculpted with a scissors, to leave that effect of feather texture and maximum lightness on the tips. Keep in mind that the model has stated on several occasions that she has thick curly hair, and with this cut she dominates it better.

Then, in relation to the hairstyle They have opted for a line in the middle that gives that much more modern point, slightly wavy and with which that current air is enhanced.

Refering to coloration, Eduardo confesses that surely it has been previously discolored, yes, working irregularly the root zone since a marked line is not noticeable. Then, a platinum blonde tone has been created that we cannot like more and that is ideal ...

For women with defined features, oval or angular faces. And preferably in hair with a little texture.

Definitely, a great success, but that is not permanent since it has only worn it for a session returning again to its usual look.

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