The technological developments that we are looking forward to release

We love the technology that life revolutionizes us and get us to overcome our day to day without having to go with the tongue out and with a level of pulsations equivalent to doing the Boston marathon in heels. How is it going news selection We bring you

Intel Compute Card

Our colleagues in Xataka have announced the launch of these small computers, about the size of a credit card and that will be available from next August. A perfect solution to serve as gadgets as appliances, security systems, etc. thanks to its connectivity, memory and process power.

LG Twin Wash

The only washer dryer on the market with double drum. That is, the only one that allows two different washings at the same time and has the largest capacity in the market, up to 14 kg. of washing in total (12 Kg in its main drum and 2 Kg in the secondary) and the highest energy efficiency in its segment. Simultaneously wash and dry two washes, either of white and colored clothes, of delicate, resistant fabrics, etc.

Samsung GALAXY S8

His look -all curves and attractive colors- stand out from the rest of the competitionIn addition to its really compact dimensions, its immense screen and its pressure sensitive sensor, which replaces the well-known central button. It is also up to 21% more powerful than previous models, its autonomy has been optimized and process management improved, etc.

Nest Cam IQ

An intelligent camera that goes much further of the rest of security cameras and detects other symptoms that something unconventional is happening: barking, human conversations or broken glass, to give a few examples, will be cause for the alarm to go off.

Clik headphones

Amazing headphones that work with voice recognition technology to offer real-time translations of conversations in 37 languages. In addition, with these headphones you can receive calls, text messages and notifications and work with a touch sensor that controls everything.

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