Cloned and caught: Lauren Hutton's legendary Halston at the 1975 Oscars can be yours (yes, really)

Remembered by all, one of the most mythical dresses of the Oscar ceremony is undoubtedly the multicolor design by Halston that Lauren Hutton wore in the 1975 ceremony. The model and actress who last season paraded with Gigi Hadid, elegantly wore the beautiful design that fell in love with all the women on the planet. Today, finally, many of these women will be able to get their dream dress thanks to what is undoubtedly your best clone.

Lauren Hutton's Oscar dress, 1975 pic.twitter.com/Q7U8QDhg5h

- 🕊 (@PRADACCIA) June 19, 2016

With a significant but elegant v-neck, the beautiful multicolored dress by Halston became, by the hand of Lauren Hutton, in one of the most applauded in the history of the oscars. However, it has not been until now when we have finally found a clone worthy of applause.

Is from the firm Mioh and although it belongs to his Spring-Summer 2017 collection, on the web is sold out, so we will have to wait to hunt down this beautiful replica and feel like at the Oscars for a day.

Vesitdo Nice of the Spring-Summer 2017 collection of the Mioh brand