What website is the queen of online shopping? We have the list of the most visited (and there are three Spanish among them)

If one day we had doubts about whether the shopping online It would replace the undeniable pleasure of shopping, there is no doubt that the last few years have solved the mystery. We have become addicted to outlet from Asos, to Zara's garments that go viral on-line, to the news of H & M ... But What websites are the ones that take the palm in the business of ecommerce Fashion? The digital marketing platform SEMrush has done a study in which it has analyzed the presence in the network of the different websites, taking as a reference not only direct traffic, but also referral, Google searches and its visibility in social networks. And has elaborated the ranking of the 25 favorites.

Asos queen at the top of the list. The British giant meets the main point that highlights the study as a key to success: the domain of social networks, which stands out as the main source of traffic for the sites of shopping online. He does so with his 6.2 million followers on his Instagram account, although some of his competitors have many more followers and yet they fall further behind in the list (Zara has 20.6 million followers and H&M, 21.7). In the complete list, in addition, we can find three Spanish brands: Zara and Bershka, belonging to the giant Inditex, and Mango.

This is the complete list:

  1. Asos

  2. H&M

  3. Macy's

  4. Zara

  5. Wildberries

  6. Forever 21

  7. Jabong

  8. GAP

  9. Urban outfitters

  10. Zappos

  11. Myntra

  12. Uniqlo

  13. Fashion

  14. El Secreto de Victoria

  15. Trendyol

  16. Dafiti

  17. Boohoo

  18. Zalando

  19. Mango

  20. Markafoni

  21. Bershka

  22. Next

  23. La redoute

  24. Zozo

  25. Vip

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