These are the apps that the best instagrammers use to retouch their photos

"The tricks you use to edit your photos." That is one of the most common answers when an instagrammer asks fans what they would like to know about their networks. They, some more suspicious than others, surrender to popular clamor and reveal some of their tips.

Of course: they do it without staining their gallery with photos without retouching. Since most pro instagrammers they are multichannel figures (as soon as they make a challenge on YouTube, masking her lips with mascara as they sign a book in Callao), the most usual thing is to dedicate one of her videos -vlogs for the youtuber sphere - to tell what your favorite filters are.

Okay, many agree on apps and advice but from all of them we can learn some new trick for this summer... with which to make our photos on the Costa Dorada seem taken in Palm Springs. Of course, we must not forget the importance of having a mobile designed to make the best photo.

Open a new list in Evernote - real instagrammers do not use paper, they point everything on their mobile - and add these apps that They will completely change the look of your gallery. Word of influencer.


The queen of photo retouching applications. It was conceived to be a social network in which users showed their images, but the truth is that it has not managed, in that aspect, to shade the giant Instagram.

Yes it has succeeded in terms of filters. Few instagrammers who consider themselves worthy of that label pass their photos through the light of Gingham or Valencia: all have succumbed to the charms of C1 and A6, two of the filters more employees at VSCO.

This app it can boast of what very few: having set the pace for IG in the introduction of new functions. Retouch the brightness, give more texture to the photos or opt for more formats other than the square they are achievements that igers They owe VSCO.

In addition to the basics, the application has a library of filters that can be purchased. But, before scratching your modest instragrammer pocket, take care of this expert trick: download filters HB1 and HB2. They are free, give your photos a Nordic air and are Dulceida's favorites, the girl of the (almost) two million followers.


The second app in liza. Slowly, VSCO is on his heels, although its filters are not so popular: this tool is used, basically, for touch-ups of lights, shadows and brightness.

Keep an eye on your selective touch-up function: convert to this app In a kind of 'Photoshop for dummies', it allows us to correct spots and illuminate specific areas of the image.

With it we can provide our instagaleria of a very widespread effect today in the instagrammer sphere: the grain in the photos. Something typical of the analog image, it gives the images a very persecuted vintage air, paradoxically, in the digital world.

Where is that function? Slide the filters tab and, in 'Movie Grain' you will find it. It is one of the favorite options of youtuber and instagrammer Álex Puértolas who, he says, is obsessed with this effect.

He is not the only one who loves this retro style: other accounts of a very different profile, such as Coco Dávez -of a more artistic or nostalgic cut-, also bet on the grain even in the photos of his Stories.


The beauty filter at its best. That is Facetune, one of the apps preferred by celebs from Internet To show your best face. It allows to correct pimples, spots on the skin and various imperfections; Therefore, Famoseo 2.0 ensures that it compensates the investment of € 5.99 to get this tool.

The moderation and the care of not smoothing the skin in excess are the keys to successfully use this app. Paula Gonu, who has recently reached one million followers in IG, is one of her loyal users, as she tells in this video.


It is part of the hard core of apps Photo editing, as it has been circulating in the Google and Apple stores for more than five years. It allows endless tweaks and effects, including the texts written above the images, but, above all, lets us touch up the light in a very subtle way and play with the backlights.

A color story

The perfect application for the most pop photos. Highlight the most vivid tones and Turn images into an explosion of energy. The most colorful Instagram profiles confess devotees of A color story.

How to resist giving a like to those intense yellows and fuchsias? If you have instagrammer soul, you will fall in love with all the filters of this app.

A good image: the most important

It is of little use to have a lot of applications and filters if the image we want to upload to our profile (and that so many shots in selfie mode has cost us) is of poor quality.

A smartphone that captures all the sunlight will be our best travel companion this summer, and the Asus Zenfone Zoom is a great candidate. It will allow us to capture close-ups (our ice cream at the seashore will be the most favored), make portraits with a lot of blur -It seems that we are alone in front of the Eiffel Tower and that there are no more tourists- and ensure that our festive photos, for once, do not come out blurred.

With such a phone (and although we will have leftover memory to install and test all the apps that instagrammers use) the hashtag #nofilter will be more than justified.