Lingerie and bath

Do you have a lot of chest? Here are 6 bathroom models to hide

For many the summer time It's the best of the year, for others it's the beginning of your personal nightmare. Going to the beach and wearing a bikini or swimsuit can put many people behind because of the breast size. Finding a model that grips well, is comfortable and stylish is not impossible, and today you we show it with these 6 models.

Top 90 type

The 90s have returned and are installed on the tops of the bikinis with the shape we used to look like. There is no design more comfortable (and cool) than this one.

Choose a design that grips well

Neckline designs usually enhance the visual effect and the breasts may appear larger. If you do not want to give up the neckline but hide a little, choose a top type design with a central purse.

Thick braces

Do not give up triangle models, just adapt them to your body: thick straps are the best option.

A hoop design (for a better grip)

The hoop is the best invention to hold and raise the chest. The urban legend tells us that bikinis with a hoop are not pretty, but it is just that, a legend.

Kind bandeau asymmetric

Although it seems impossible, type designs bandeau with a single brace they grab a lot (more than you think) and pick up the chest hiding its real size.

A full-body swimsuit very tight to the body (and thick cloth)

There is no better support than that offered by very tight full-body and thick cloth swimsuits. They pick up your chest, hide it and stylize the figure. What else can we ask for?

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