Nine celebrities who surrender to the queues that were already a trend in the 90s and now come back strongly

That the 90s have returned strongly we all know. Thus, both accessories, such as hairstyles, and makeup, again have a twist that many have already lived. And how can it be otherwise, the celebrities also add to these trends, how are you nine that we bring you today that They have already looked like pigtails that triumphed then and now they do it again.

Kim Kardashian

In recent times, Kim Kardashian has strongly added to the 90's trend and has even cut her hair to Christy Turlintong. This does not remove to make use of the most typical hairstyle of this era: the medium collected very tall in the form of a ponytail. This, without a doubt, is the most representative of the hairstyles of the time, or else you will see.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is another that has been gradually adding to the trend, either with collected media, or with pigtails like the one she wore a few days ago that are the clear exponent of that decade, a tall ponytail with the front strand marking the Stripe to one side and hair tips well molded inward.

Ariana Grande

No one has any doubt that Ariana Grande is one of the great examples of the return of the 90s with her high or medium pigtails, her accessories, her loose locks ... she has been able to bring back a decade.

Hailey Bieber

Gradually, Hailey Bieber has been adding to this trend of the 90s, with its points inward or its different pigtails. Without a doubt, they have managed to capture the style of an era.


Rihanna has always been one that adapts to all hair styles and lately we see how the era of the 90s is also sneaking into her repertoire defending her perfectly.


Yes, she has also become an exponent of the 90s with her hairstyles. Rosalia has given us back to the stages the very high queues, the collectors and also the collected media, all of them with a clear inspiration.

Shay mitchell

Lately actress Shay Mitchell is also leaving us looks clearly inspired in the 90s like this one that has hung up on her Instagram account a few weeks ago.

Barbara Palvin

Or Barabara Palvin who has also shown how to wear a very high half ponytail with great style.

Bella Hadid

And finally, we have Bella Hadid who has been leaving us with a clear inspiration for a long time in the 90s that has been recorded on fire and we love it.

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