The feminist message design triumphs thanks to these brands (which arrived before Dior's mythical shirt)

Feminism is in fashion. What's more, feminism is fashion. Since Dior took to the catwalk his already mythical "We Should All Be Feminists" t-shirt, the t-shirts with message girl power They have taken the street. But there was life before Dior. And before the brands low cost take advantage of the pull. Years ago since the idea of ​​wearing feminism in our clothes emerged in the minds of women entrepreneurs from all over the world and accessories. And their brands have grown to become some of our favorites.

The brands we don't want to lose sight of

Feminist Apparel

Feminist Apparel is perhaps the best known feminist brand in the world, since its creation in 2013. Its product catalog is infinite and it is very difficult not to find something we love.


A few months ago we talked about the work of Animosa, a Galician company that, since the end of 2015, makes some of the most relevant women in history protagonists of its textile and stationery products.

Collage offset

Offset Collage is a Spanish brand with some very interesting designs, among which we can find some original message t-shirts and very chic.


As its name implies, Femininitees specializes in shirts with feminist message and girl power, with a minimalist roll of very careful design. His motivation to start was Hillary Clinton's election campaign against Donald Trump.

The NoNo Shop

In Etsy we find several stores that make feminism flag. One of our favorites in The NoNo Shop, with a very careful and distinctive design that makes its garments unique since its creation in 2015.

Tit & tit

Teta & teta is a Spanish firm that has made "free the nipple" its raison d'être since 2013. Its teats with nipples and other related messages are a revolution.

Female collective

With a solidarity character since its inception, in October 2015, Female Collective is more than just a brand: it is a feminist empowerment movement, and its designs, only part of the work they do.


A lot of color, modern designs and a great variety of products, from earrings to plates, is what we can find in GirlandCatStudio, pioneers in this sector, since they began their journey in 2010. Cats as enemies of patriarchy seem like a great idea.


The name of Otherwild may not tell us much, but if we think they were the creators of the shirt with the message "Future is female", the thing changes. Founded in 2012, 25% of the income earned by these shirts, and the rest of its products, goes to Planned Parenthood.

Tees band

Another of the stores present on Etsy that makes feminist message t-shirts its line of business. In Tees Band, we can find products for all kinds of women, from fans of Game of Thrones to the nostalgic of Frida.

How a feminist brand is born and what is its objective

We wanted to give a voice to those behind this empowerment of feminism through something as everyday as fashion. We talked to Rebeca, one of the five women behind Animosa, and she tells us the reason why the idea of ​​creating her brand came up: "My partner Monica's niece was born and, when she wanted to buy her first gift, she found stores full of vase girl items, women without mouths, or helpless princesses ... and we started thinking about changing things. She was the spring that has made us remove our consciences and forced us to invent a different formula to empower her, empower us and create a brand that values ​​the exploits of unique women who have broken across the world. with the established norms and they have shown us the way ".

Nowadays, Animosa is composed of a multidisciplinary team of five women dedicated to the company full-time, based in Vigo and production in Spain and Portugal, where the two main product lines are created: clothes for girls and women and stationery products, which are already sold in 350 points of sale throughout Spain: "We work in something that we are passionate about and we all have in common the desire to change the world and eat it with spoonfuls. We love the challenges and enjoy each design. Nothing is put at random. Everything has some reason, some reason to be or to be there " .

In Animosa they know that feminism is in fashion and that seems wonderful to them: "It is great to talk about it, to debate, to give opinions, to be a topic of conversation ... That is a sign that something is moving, that we are reflecting, that we are questioning things. The more we talk about feminism, the more its meaning and importance will be understood for society to advance. We cannot forget that thanks to feminism, today women can work, vote or go to University. Thanks to the fact that many women before us played the type, today we can live better. "

They consider that they differ from other firms in the fact of focusing their collections on great women in history. In fact, all its products are accompanied by a bookmark in which the biography of the woman who stars in the product is explained: "The really great thing about our products is that, when you have them or give them away, the essence of these women goes through. They make you feel powerful! In Animosa we create products with soul ... When you put on one of our clothes, magic is produced, it is as if the essence of the character pierced you ".

And so it seems to be, judging by the reception that the brand has had. Rebekah acknowledges that they feel a little overwhelmed, even. And there is something that cannot be denied: feminism is on everyone's lips, in clothes of all ... and the trend seems unstoppable.

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