Chloé Parfum turns ten years old: that's how an icon is created (and that's how we've celebrated it)

Today ten years ago in some corner of the world a team of perfumers, Amadine Clerc-Marie and Michel Almariac, reinvented the rose to build a fragrance with rose, peony, white musk, amber and freesia. The assignment was clear: Olfactory representation of a fashion house that had fallen in love with the world: Chloé. The house that had revived sensuality and feminine seventies with extreme taste in the most acclaimed fashion collections of the moment. And so, after a lot of work (and we imagine that with many samples, tests and discards), in 2008, one of the most anticipated fragrances in the world of beauty and fashion went on sale: Chloé Eau de Parfum. Light, sensual, delicate, intimate, silky ... This year the fragrance blows 10 candles. Behind: a jar with a bow that is the emblem of good taste, seven women who have been the image of the brand and millions of roses scattered around the skin of women throughout the world.

Paris. September 2017. The house Chloé celebrates surrounded by friends, distributors, influencers and digital press the 10 years of the Chloé fragrance. And I remember the first time I smelled it. I remember when he came to the editorial of the women's magazine where he worked then. I remember howling editors of culture or lifestyle, beauty or fashion. We were all impressed when we felt that aroma for the first time. He had personality. I responded to what we expected from the fashion firm that at that time was the most. Expectations were high and he had not disappointed. Also: it was not yet for sale! Things come months in advance to monthly magazines. And there only the Director of the magazine and the Director of Beauty could own it. So the others, we wait patiently for its launch.

We could intuit an icon behind that perfume we all wanted. Because that (that all women agree completely) does not happen very often ... And so it was. What a great perfume and what a great brand construction during the following years: Black and white photographs, soft colors, pastel, nudes. A very French woman and at the same time very universal. With very strong hallmarks. Soft skin, long, clear hair, unique face and at the same time impeccably beautiful and natural ... Anja Rubik, Clémence Poésy, Chloë Sévigny, Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse, Suvi Koponen, Dree Hemingway ... To be chosen by Chloé Parfums for her campaign was how to get the oscar to sensuality and femininity.

Each face of Chloé was accompanied by the illusion of intimacy, with a certain bare air and brought behind a story that was intuited and that reached our imagination more or less daring, more or less, romantic, more or less passionate. But always sensual. We all wanted to be Chloé.

"I am Chloé"

And so we have arrived until today. Celebrating in Paris ten years of an icon next to the new face of Chloé Parfum. With American actress Haley Bennet. We meet Haley in Paris. She is shy. Is beautiful. His haircut is more rocky than the brand has accustomed us. His feline gaze sweeps. And it is perfect for the new campaign that I especially liked because it goes with the times. There is a certain change, a certain turn. Femininity does not fall into a bed, or between the sheets, or an armchair in a closed room ... It is a sensuality that flies free, more daring and daring than ever. More feminist than ever. Haley drives a car, takes control of his life, and loses his handkerchief, skips the rules and leaves the road to catch him. Arrive at the beach, have fun, feel the freedom ... And of course, again goal achieved: we all want to be Chloé.

Chloé Absolu de Parfum: limited edition Tenth Anniversary

We are surrounded by influencers, instagrammers and specialized press, of fashion people who have crossed half the world to celebrate this tenth anniversary with the Chloé perfume house. We can also see the collection of the new designer that has already been crowned as one of the best collections in Paris this season. From Dallas, New York or California. In the Hotel Peninsula de Paris we discover surrounded by all the editions that have been in this long history (and cuts at the same time, because there is still a lot), the new limited edition of Chloé: Chloé Absolu de Parfum.

In 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 four sister fragrances with rose base and always with the style of the house come to light. But on this tenth anniversary, the one for me is the most sublime of all. Chloé Absolue de Parfum It has also been created by one of its authors of the original fragrance: Michel Almariac.

The name is perfect. Because the rose is absolute. It has a special peculiarity, it is drier, it is very woody, velvety and of a force greater than its predecessors. It joins the damascene rose, the intensity of the Centseolia de Grasse rose and patchouli (very light). The bottle has on this occasion a golden color in its cap and the sheet and the loop a fine golden thread. I hope he stays. It's hard, but I really mean it. Hopefully it becomes a classic and we can always go to it. Because it is wonderful.

The big birthday party

We spent an afternoon in Paris with such good company, we walked. Night arrives and Maison Chloé dresses up with a party and silver balloons. People stop on the street to photograph the facade. It is precious.

Inside the building, where you work every day and is the creative studio and the Chloé showroom, a privileged few celebrate the birthday party of a myth. With a cocktail, a lot, a lot, a lot of champagne and people with an incredible style. I have not seen more Chloé bags per square meter in life. I don't think I'll see them anymore.

And to finish a very cool concert of Kelela that already wore a look of the Spring Summer 2018 season of Chloé. A suit of jacket and pants that we would steal if we could.

We can only say: Congratulations. For this amazing brand work, for making us want to be sensual, for reminding us that strength and delicacy can be compatible thanks to femininity. For making us enjoy a natural Woman (Not all of us are as beautiful as the models of your campaigns, but it has become clear that we are more beautiful if we are natural). Congratulations on such a beautiful celebration. Congratulations on your new aroma Chloé Absolu de Parfum and congratulations on these ten years. Congratulations Chloé Parfum.

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