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The feminist poem of an eight-year-old girl drives Twitter crazy, who already knows her as "the new Sylvia Plath"

Children's talent will never cease to amaze us. We have seen it hundreds of times, and in recent times we are glad, in addition, to see that many girls are using their ingenuity to support or promote feminist causes. Anyway, we are not able to find a more amazing example of that mix of talent and feminism than the poem The True Feminine ("True femininity"). Because written by anyone it would seem a beautiful poetic sample, but ... its author is only eight years old. Y that's why many have called it "the Sylvia Plath of the Z generation".

apparently a 3rd grader wrote this. go off, gen z sylvia plath

- rich pie (@arabellesicardi) October 2, 2017

True femininity

I am not sugar and pepper, and everything nice.

I am music, I am art, I am history.

I am the bell of a church, ringing successes, mistakes and normal nights.

It was a baby. I am a Girl. I will be a mother.

I don't mind being considered pretty, but I won't let that be what defines me.

I am a rich cake full of knowledge.

And they won't eat me.

It is hard to believe that this was written by an eight year old girl. In fact, if one day we discover that it is a fake (Although all tests indicate no), we will die of disappointment. At the moment, the girl remains anonymous, but that has not prevented her from becoming the viral star of the moment. Almost 145,000 people have already retweeted their poem.

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