Doña Letizia shines at the Princess of Asturias Awards

And one of the most important dates of our monarchy arrived, such as the delivery of Princess of Asturias Awards. So, if this morning we saw the previous concert where the Queen Letizia left us speechless, now it's time to see the look chosen for the gala where her hairstyle has gained a special prominence, A beautiful bun that you will surely like as much as we do.

Again, Mrs. Letizia has again bet on the coppery shadows seen the good result they gave him last night although more blurred and not so marked, since part of the act is still daytime, it is a good choice.

And then we have the one with stripe on one side, with a fall on the right side, even covering the ear of that side. As we can see, the hair has previously been slightly wavy, as well as textured, creating a low bun with twists, creating a beautiful set.

He has surprised again with a gorgeous hairstyle They don't fall into the routine at any time. Aim this hairstyle if you have a wedding because with a pamela (for example) it has to look great.